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Welcome to my Web Gallery!

Iím a restless artist who doesn't stand still long when it comes to my artwork. I passionately love painting, sculpture, pottery and photography. Within my galleries you'll find samples of my orginal work, as well as opportunities to purchase cards and prints from the originals. I paint still lifes, landscapes, portraits (even dog portraits) and accept commissions. My sculpture is often of nature subjects and human forms; in rock, ceramic and bronze, My subjects are often presented in a whimsical light.

Iím teaching more and more classes and workshops in art. I've taught a wide variety of classes; from drawing to linoleum block printing, acrylics and oil painting, and ceramic hand-building. My classes are offered in Tucson Arizona at the Desert Museum Art Institute, Mountain View Retirement Village, De Grazia Gallery, and Pima College (see Classes and Workshops).

Like many artists, Iíve embarked upon a number of adventures in my life. My husband and I study bottlenose dolphins in the Gulf of California (see Dolphin Research). Iím educated as a marine biologist and I teach classes in marine biology at Pima Community College (see About the Artist). I feel the marriage of art and biology to be a good one. They have in common the need to be an acute observer. My biology background allows me to play with titles and gives me a wonderfully quirky view of the world.

I have a number of exciting exhibitions coming up in the near future and have shown my artwork in Tucson since 1983 (see Exhibitions). Iím always open to inspiration so please feel free to email me at katie@katieiverson.com and give me your comments and ideas, or ask me questions. If youíd like to order something, soon I will add a "formal" order form to my website. For now, email me what you're interested in and we'll get it figured out.

Thanks for stopping by!
Katie Iverson